Amaron Flo 36B20L Battery


Amaron Flo 36B20L Battery – With OLD Battery - Same AH
Amaron Flo 36B20L Battery – Without OLD Battery
Battery Brand    : Amaron Flo 36B20L Battery
Battery Type     : FLO36B20L
Total Warranty   : 55 Months - 30F + 25P
REF Capacity     : 35AH  
Battery Voltage  : 12V  
Battery Layout   : Left 
Segment          : CAR/SUV/MUV 
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Amaron Flo 36B20L Battery

  • High Cranking Power
  • Zero-Maintenance
  • High Heat Tolerance
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Improved Safety
  • Long Life
  • Highest Reserve Capacity
  • Factory Charged – Ready to Use
  • The difference is silver inside. Amaron is the only battery that contains the patented SilvenX alloy. And that’s what gives it the power to last long. Really long
  • Amara Raja Automotive Batteries offers a wide range of battery solutions in Passenger Vehicles, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers, Commercial Vehicles, Farm Vehicles, and Home UPS/Inverters. Amara Raja Batteries Limited(ARBL) is the first company to manufacture Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries in India. They are engineered to provide performance reliability and consistency over the life of the product and they offer a long battery life with minimal maintenance in most demanding applications.Amara Raja Automotive Batteries are built to the highest competence in its class. The flagship brand of Amara Raja Batteries, Amaron, is well known for its Zero Maintenance, Extended Warranty, High Cranking Power and Enhanced Safety. The company’s products are manufactured at its ISO/TS-16949, ISO-14001 and BH OHSAS-18001 certified manufacturing facilities in Tirupati. The epitome of quality, the ISO:9001 certified ARBL manufacturing plants render batteries with Higher cyclic life, Superior discharge performance, Lower self-discharge rates, explosion resistant, factory charged and eco-friendly batteries ARBL the most preferred battery manufacturing company in over 32 countries across the globe.

With OLD Battery – Same AH, Without OLD Battery

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