Exide 8C 150 Golf Cart Battery


Capacity        : 150Ah ( at C-20 Rate )
Capacity@80Amps : 114Ah ( at C-5 Rate )
Voltage         : 8V
Dry Battery     : 23Kgs ± 5%
Energy Density  : 30-33Kg ±Wh/Kg (C-5 Rate)
Charged Battery Weight : 30Kgs ± 5%
Dimension :
Height    : 286 ± 3.0mm
Width     : 182 ± 3.0mm
Length    : 264 ± 3.0mm
Fill in Electrolyte Specific Gravity :  1.255 ± 0.005(at 30°C)
Fill in Electrolyte Volume           :  1.5 Lts/Cell
Fill in Electrolyte Specific Gravity :  1.280 ± 0.005(at 30°C)
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Exide 8C 150 Golf Cart Battery

Exide 8V 150Ah Golf Cart Battery: The community of Electric vehicle users is growing rapidly and Exide (India) has been constantly contributing to the growth. A blend of improved high density paste formulation and unique glass mat separator for better positive active materials retention. This ensures longer life of the battery. The innovative compositions and state of the art process is a result of 60 years of accumulated experience of Exide, in research and development, manufacturing and field operations. The new battery is designed and manufactured to perform at its best under deep cyclic operations. It is suitable for a wide range of golf carts, floor cleaners and special electric vehicles.


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