Exide Inverterz Star 850 and Exide IB880 88Ah Battery


Luminous Combo   : Exide Inverterz Star 850 and Exide IB880 88Ah Battery 
Inverter         : Exide Inverterz Star 850 Home UPS
Inverter Warranty: 24 Months  
Battery          : Exide IB880 88Ah Battery Short    
Battery Warranty : 36* (18F + 18P) 
Battery Capacity : 88AH 
Battery Voltage  : 12V
Trolley          : Single Plastic Trolley
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Exide Inverterz Star 850 and Exide IB880 88Ah Battery

Exide Inverterz Star 850

For Pure Sine Wave Output

The advanced microcontroller based pure sine wave (Wave Shape) system of star is an assurance of smooth power output. The inverter is designed to handle a wide range of mains input voltage for battery charging (90V-300V AC) which make it ideal for areas where grid power fluctuates. It is designed to handle low voltage operations to keep your lights, fans, TV and computer working optimally. A user-friendly LED display makes it a truly popular star among inverters.

  • Advance Microcontroller Based
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Wave Shape Suitable for Mains Low Voltage Operation
  • Wide Range of Mains Input Voltage for Battery Charging i.e. 90V – 300V AC
  • LED Display for User Interface
  • Dual Stage of Charging
  • Auto Smart Protections


Exide IB880 88Ah Battery

Presenting Exide Instabrite. The latest offering from Exide that promises superior power backup at a fantastic price. With Exide Instabrite, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of power in your home. Get instant brightness with the best. Get Exide Instabrite.

  • Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures as well as thick plate construction with special paste formulation. Special hybrid alloy system leading to low water loss and dual plate separation(PE+GM) that reduces the possibility of premature failure
  • Easy maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level
  • Easy handling/spill-proof: Moulded handles to ensure easy handling. Top vented lid with anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs
  • Fume and leak resistant: Spark arrestor fitted in float to restrict fumes and acid during operation. Clean top with no surface leakage
  • Ready for commissioning: Batteries supplied in factory-charged condition
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